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Setting the standard in Medical Cover, Event Services, Film & TV.

TV & Film Events

Integrated Medical Services provides a comprehensive range of medical services to support your feature production. Our team of qualified and experienced medics have additional skillsets to provide your film unit with an unprecedented level of service.  By doing more at the point of care, we reduce the need for people to leave site and visit alternative medical facilities.


All our Medical Staff here at Integrated Medical Services can assess and manage most things without the need to leave the set/location. In terms of pre-hospital care our medics are trained and experienced in wound closures and fully experienced in any medical emergency that arises, including minor or trauma situations, all of our medics have emergency medical and trauma qualifications. For particularly high risk activities we can provide highly specialised trauma medics. As a single service provider, we believe in continuity of staff covering your production. We use the same person in that position for the duration of the production. So whether it be main unit, the stunt performers or workshops/construction, they have continuity from the person providing their care.


We communicate as a team ensuring cross unit continuity, such as for cast and crew moving between first and second units. Our medics get to know the people they look after. Continuity of care in managing medical conditions, or follow-up care provided, is extremely important to us.

Integrated Medical Services offers:

  • Full medical unit management with a single point of contact for production.

  • Cover from initial construction, location prep/strike and stunt rehearsals to filming units.

  • Frontline specification emergency ambulance with paramedic crew.

  • Clinical capability for a wide range of medical and trauma presentations.

  • Continuity of staff giving continuity of care.

  • Wide range of medications held by our medics allowing the correct treatment quickly.

  • Defibrillator with every medic, every time.

  • Clinical paperwork archived and kept appropriately should a specific record need accessing in the future.

So, Look no further we can help you with your medical requirements. Whether you need medical cover for a one-day commercial, a long term shoot or a construction medic, Integrated Medical Service has you covered.

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