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Setting the standard in Medical Cover, Event Services, Film & TV.

Concerts & Festivals Events

Integrated Medical Services provides professional medical support to numerous indoor & outdoor Concerts & Festivals Events throughout the year. These range from Classical, Jazz, RnB and contemporary outdoor evening concerts or one day festivals to "traditional large scale green site Music Festivals with camping.

For any of our events, our Concerts and Festival medical services team operate from our Medical Treatment Tents, with a full range of equipment to utilise in an emergency. For Larger Events, our medical services team can set up and operate a complete Field Hospital staffed by experienced Frontline Medical Personnel, which can include Emergency Doctors and Advanced Practitioners. Integrated Medical Services work above and beyond the National Standards of care and offer scopes of practice, allowing us to treat more on-site patients than most Event Medical Organisations. We’ll invest time in understanding your event, ensuring the correct provision and medical facility, attending SAG meetings where required and providing you with a detailed reporting after the event.

Medical Centre Teams are supported by staff deployed across the Concerts/Festival site. These can include Pit Teams, Camp Site Medical Centres, Roaming Response Teams, Cycle Responder Teams as well as Rapid Response Quad Bikes Teams. Whatever the requirements are, Integrated Medical Services have the resources to staff and man any site, regardless the size.

Having properly equipped and staffed paramedic ambulances on site means that the NHS are not called in for any hospital transfers that are required.

Rapid Response Teams

Medical Response Teams (MRT) allow us to look after patients safely and professionally in dense crowds (such as concerts) – typically by moving them safely to a safe location, ideally our Medical Treatment Centre where other members of the Integrated Medical Services can look after the patient. However, our MRT are fully equipped and highly experience in every emergency situation, so if need to be, they can treat regardless of the terrain or environment.

Qualified Medical Staff

All our staff are fully trained, experienced professionals, allowing them to deal with casualties and other medical professionals in an efficient and professional manner. We have all grades of staff available including First Responders, Ambulance Technicians, HCPC Paramedics, Registered Nurses and Doctors. We Pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable at all times and proactively engage with our customers and their clients to create a positive experience to all that use our Services.

Medical Treatment Tents

Here at Integrated Medical Services, we create bespoke facilities to cater to each event's needs and risk profile, regardless of the size. By bringing the hospital to you, our experienced Medical Staff can deliver the highest levels of care available within the event medical sector. Our Unique Medical Centres allow us to maintain exceptionally high clinical standards at any event. Our units are marked with a unique colour – allowing them to be easily identified across any events. In addition, our medical centres are fully equipped to provide full resuscitation facilities.

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